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Adult Circumcision: For Health & Cosmetic Reasons

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While foreskin is a natural part of the penis, in some men the foreskin can cause problems.  Such problems include:


  • foreskin scarring & tearing 
  • infection
  • pain with erections
  • pain with urination
  • foul odor
  • sexually transmitted disease transmission
  • difficulty with urination.  
While medical therapies like steroid creams and ointments on occasion can alleviate these problems, in most cases men will ultimately require a circumcision to permanently fix the disorder and restore normal function and phallic cosmetic appearance.  In some cases, men can have sexually transmitted infections like herpes or genital warts/HPV that affect only the foreskin and prepuce of the penis.  In many of these cases, circumcision can be curative and prevent future outbreaks and even disease transmission risk to partners.  Sometimes men and their partners simply no longer like the appearance of a hooded penis and want the procedure done for cosmetic reasons only. 


Whatever your reason is for wanting an adult circumcision, at SchoorUrology you'll find a very skillful surgeon who approaches the circumcision not just as a medical procedure but as a cosmetic one and aims to give you a perfect penis. 

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