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Genital Dermatology

Most urologist do not feel confident diagnosing many penile and scrotal skin lesions.  They tend to refer the genital dermatolgy lesions to a dermatologist.  However, while most dermatologists feel confortable diagnosing genital lesions, they don't feel comfortable treating them.   In addition, many dermatologists don't fee l comfortable doing genital skin biopsies.  

So what are you to do?

Easy.  Call me, now.  I have extensively clinical and didactic (classroom) experience with dermatology of the genital region.  I feel confident diagnosing and treating thee types of problems.  I can easily help with any of the following problems:

Genital Warts




Sexual Infection Testing

Pearly Papules

Penile pre-cancer

Foreskin Problems


. . .and more.

If you see anything on your penis, please call 24/7 (631) 780-4186.

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