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"I find IC to be among the most gratifying of all the things I treat because with successful treatment I have the opportunity to improve a person's life in such a major way.  SImply amazing."

Dr Schoor 


Interstitial Cystitis is a very common disorder that is associated with bladder pain, voiding dysfunction, sexual pain, and chronic pelvic pain.  It is actually a quite common condition, with approximately 750,000 new cases diagnosed annually in the USA.  Despite this fact, many physicians either do not believe that the condition exists or simple don't want to treat this type of patient.  Shame on them!

At SchoorUrology you will find a physician and a staff that will listen to you and also will understand what you have been going through.  In Dr Schoor, you will find a physician that has a successful track record in correctly diagnosing your condition in a timely manner without the need for unnecessary, extensive, and often invasive diagnostic testing.  Once diagnosed, Dr Schoor will be able to quickly start you on a treatment path that will get you the relief you need to get back to the life you once had.  Our treatment algorithms are based on best practice guidelines established by the American Urological Association and they have been proven to work. Treatments include:


  • Medication therapy
  • Bladder Instillations
  • Nerve Stimulation
  • Hydrodistention
You can get the help you need and deserve.
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