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Do you think you have low T?

Testosterone is the male hormone.  Low T, or low testosterone, is a common problem.  As men get older, they may experience a slow decline in blood testosterone levels.  This condition is called andropause, though some people refer to it as men-o-pause.    

Symptoms of low T include:

  • Diminished libido
  • Problems achieving or maintaining erections
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Cognitive disturbance, ie difficulty with concentration
  • Weight gain or difficulty with weight loss
  • Severe cases: bone loss and pathologic bone fractures 
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  • Testosterone replacement therapy 
  • Safe and effective male hormone replacement therapy


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Millions of men suffer from low T. Fortunately treatment options exist. 

1: Testopel pellets. One injection last at least 3 months. High levels achieved and levels remain stable. Disadvantage: some men complain of soreness and mild bruising at the insertion site.  This problems tends to occur more often in very thin men and rarely at all in men with a bit more abdominal fat or "love handles." 

2: AVEED:  Testosterone 10 week injection therapy center

  • The importance of providing an accurate medical history about any previous allergic reactions to AVEED or its components (testosterone undecanoate, castor oil and benzyl benzoate)
  • AVEED can only be administered by a trained Healthcare Provider in a certified healthcare setting
  • The risks of serious POME reactions and anaphylaxis associated with AVEED
  • POME is not a blood clot
  • How to recognize the symptoms of serious POME reactions and anaphylaxis
  • Report signs and symptoms to the healthcare setting staff immediately. These include:
- swelling of your face, tongue, or throat
- hoarseness or trouble speaking 
- difficulty breathing 
- feeling flushed 
- itching or rash including hives
- coughing or urge to cough 
- tightening in your throat 
- numbness and tingling in your arms 
- dizziness 
- feeling very sweaty
- chest pain 
- feeling unwell
- fainting 
- pain in your stomach 
- vomiting or throwing up








3: T cypionate injections. The advantages are rapid response ad very high levels achieved. The disadvantages are the levels are sustained for a week or so, not more, then levels crash. In my view men should never really start down this path.  Plus this method of treatment carries withit some addiction potential to the very high levels of T that can be attained.  For these reasons, I tend to stay away from initiating T injection therapy. 

4: Skin gels. Advantages are ease of use, good levels, and minimal side effects. Disadvantages are daily application, transference to others. Still good approach.  There is actually a newer gel that men apply to their under-arms.  This minimizes transerence risk and men seem to like it.   

5: Skin patch. Advantages are no transference, good levels, and ease of use. Disadvantages are rashes at application site. Not much used anymore.

If you feel you may suffer from low T, contact me now.  

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