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MRI Fusion Biopsy

It is now possible to detect prostate cancer without a biopsy.* MRI of the prostate with fusion biopsies is the most advanced method for the evaluation of elevated PSA and prostate nodules. Not all urologists have access to this amazing technology so they must rely on standard ultrasound guided biopsies which is, essentially, a blind technique, and it can miss significant cancers that are present. The MRI fusion biopsy is the way to go. Dr Schoor was the first urologist in Suffolk County to do them and he has extensive experience with the technique.


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*Most men will still need biopsy for pathologic confirmation

Biopsy is still needed for confirmation, tissue typing, and molecular diagnostics

Dr Schoor performs prostate biopsies using sedation anesthesia so the experience for men is painless and even pleasant.  Dr Schoor also uses a targeted antibiotic protocol which has been been shown significantly reduced the risk of infection after a biopsy  (reference).  Dr Schoor is one of the only urologists on Long Island who utilizes the targeted antibiotic protocol.   

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