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Why get a needle if you don't need one

I specialize in the no-needle-no scalpel vasectomy. A truly painless method to achieve elective sterilization.  I have done over 3000 of them with outstanding results in terms of success rates, post-procedure pain & complications.  In fact, the average post-procedure pain score is a 2 out of 10 and fewer than 3% of patients require any pain medicine stronger than Tylenol.  

I have been at the forefront in adopting innovative new techniques and technologies for the past 15 years and was the first in the area to offer the pain-free ?No Needle, No Scalpel? procedure. With this approach, I can numb the skin and vas deferens with a special high pressure jet that anesthetizes the area instantaneously with a tiny amount of lidocaine.  You feel nothing.  Plus, you can be back to work the next day. Have more questions?  See our FAQ page on vasectomies.

I remain committed to providing the best in vasectomy care and make the procedure painless in every way. Our streamlined office procedures and insurance advice, use of automated patient engagement software for post-procedure enhanced recovery; everything we do is designed to make your vasectomy a convenient, comfortable and successful experience.

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