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"I can't think of a single reason why a man who is undergoing a fertility evaluation would not get a semen analysis" Dr Schoor 

The semen analysis is the essential component of any couple's fertility evaluation.  

The elements of a semen analysis include:
  • volume
  • appearance
  • liquefaction
  • acidity level (pH)
  • color
  • concentration 
  • motility
  • motility grade
  • morphology
  • agglutination

While a normal test is encouraging, unfortunately it does not rule-out the possibility that a male factor condition exists. In addition, serious medical problems are associated with low sperm counts and even sperm counts as high as 40 million per cc.  

Online ordering and scheduling available. Schedule the test & collect the sample from the privacy of your own home and just get it to us within 2 hours.  To schedule, click the Link to schedule and order online

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