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Testopel Implantation Center: You Don't Need to Suffer From Low T.  Help is Here!



 "I have done over a thousand pellet injections and believe this is the best form of testosterone therapy out there."

Dr Schoor 



Until recently, men with testosterone deficiency--or low testosterone--had only 2 options for treatment.  One option involved monthly injections and the other involved daily application of gels or skin patches.  Both of these options have proven sub-optimal for many men.  The problem with the monthly Testosterone injections is that the injections cause rapid testosterone highs followed by deep lows.  Men on injections feel great for 10 days then terrible for another 10 days.  My recommendation is to not even start with this form of therapy.  The skin patch, on the other hand, causes rashes, and the gels--Androgel, Testim, and Axiron--are cumbersome to apply and carry with them the risk of transference to your wife/partner and even your children.  Fortunately I have a better option for men with low T.  


TESTOPEL is a testosterone pellet implantation system that enables men with low testosterone to achieve high levels of testosterone without the need for daily gel applications or monthly injections.  TESTOPEL lasts for 3 months or longer and achieves high but safe levels of testosterone.  The procedure is done in the office and in skilled, experienced hands, takes under 5 minutes. 

The TESTOPEL procedure is done by me.  I make a tiny puncture of the skin over the hip area placed the 8-12 pellets underneath the skin.  The most common side-effect is soreness at the implant site that can last for several days.  To date, no patients have complained that they can feel the pellets under the skin.  I done hundreds (maybe even over a thousand) of implants. Click here for video of the actual procedure. 

After undergoing the TESTOPEL insertion, most men notice rapid and prolonged improvement in their symptoms of low T, such as improvement in low libido, erection qulaity and duration, sexual performance, energy level, sleep disturbance, fatigue, and concentration. 

TESTOPEL is not for every man. I only use TESTOPEL or another form of testosterone therapy in men--and sometimes women--with low T and problems from it.  I do not prescribe testosterone therapy for body building, athletic performance enhancement, or for anti-aging.  If this is why you want it, don't bother calling.  Otherwise, call NOW.

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