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The Sperm Bank Lab at Richard A Schoor MD PC

Cryogenic storage of sperm can be an essential component in the treatment of a couple's infertility.  Sperm can be frozen without damaging them or their ability to regain function when thawed and sperm can be frozen indefinitely.  

Indications for sperm cryogenic storage include:

  • Prior to elective sterilization (vasectomy)
  • Fertility preservation in severe oligospermia
  • Fertility preservation prior to treatment for malignancies
  • In conjunction with advanced sperm retrieval procedures 
  • In conjunction with vasectomy reversal surgery
Dr Schoor has the only urologist-owned NY State Licensed male reproductive tissue bank in Suffolk County and one of only 3 in all of New York State.
The lab is open 6 (even 7) days per week and can accommodate patients AM, afternoon, and PM.  
Call now to schedule a consult.   631-326-6035
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