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Who you choose for a vasectomy reversal makes a difference! 

Richard A Schoor MD FACS



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Richard A Schoor MD FACS

Vasectomy Reversal Expert Long Island 

As a high volume and high success rate vas reversal surgeon, Dr Schoor is among an elite group of urologists that can perform a vas reversal.  Now he can do these procedures in his office without compromising comfort or efficacy but at a considerable cost saving to you. Contact us now!  

Our In-Office Vas Reversal Procedure 

Advantages of doing vasectomy reversals in the office are decreased cost and improved success rates.  Due to the lower cost, more couples can afford the procedure.  In addition, these great success rates are related to improved control over all aspects of the microsurgical processes that influence outcomes.  Such processes include enhanced scheduling, uniformity of OR team & uniformity of equipment, among others..  


Dr Schoor: “My experience clearly demonstrates that vasectomy reversals can be done in the office under local anesthetic safely, effectively, and without patient discomfort.  In fact, at my center, success rates improved dramatically after transitioning from the ASC based to the office-based vasectomy reversal under a local anesthetic.  Why was this?  Three reasons: increased volume of cases, total control of all aspects of the microsurgical process, and the ability to convert the room to a surgical simulator.  This has enabled me, in essence, to “warm up” prior to doing the actual surgery on the live, paying patient.  In fact prior to every case, I perfect my technique in the simulator/“practice lab.”

Why choose Dr Schoor for your vasectomy reversal?


  • Fellowship trained & experienced microsurgeon
  • Experienced in vasoepididymostomy
  • Excellent outcomes
  • Reasonable fees
  • Positive patient experience
  • Ease of scheduling
  • High success rate surgeon--contact Dr Schoor for his up to date personal success rates. 

"The entire experience could not have been easier or more pleasant.  I called Dr Schoor's office, came to see him a few days later, had the procedure and drove home.  The procedure was painless, the healing was easy, and 6 weeks later my fertility was restored.  Could not have been easier."
 My husband immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Schoor and his professional and warm bedside manner.  He was thorough and never more than a phone call or email away.  We are currently pregnant and so excited. We could not have done this without the expert hands of Dr. Schoor.  We had a great experience and highly recommend Dr.Schoor !
"Very easy {scheduling] and accommodating"
"beyond professional-courteous, caring and very involved in the outcome"
"placed me at ease throughout the process."
"very pleased [with the outcome].  Will recommend the office to anyone.  Will make the office my urologist as well."
"Doc, my tattoos were worse." LP 


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